Clippers are widely used for closure of casings of various types mainly at small and big food processing plants producing meat products, fish, cheese or ice-cream. Our machines are also used to package other industrial products in casings.

MAGA machines feature well-thought-out structure, top quality and careful workmanship. Our long-term users appreciate their fail-free operation, ergonomics and they are easy to clean.


Original MAGA - KOT choppers are manufactured at our production plant in Poland, thus we have full control over the entire production process. Our customers receive a top quality product, fully safe, reliable, easy to clean and with an unparalleled capacity of 800 cycles per hour.

MAGA KOT machines are widely used in the catering industry and trade (large meat departments) as well as at processing plants offering prepared food products. They are perfect for tenderising e.g. chops, meat rolls and other products such as hamburgers or pizza shells.


CLIP SYSTEMS is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium clips for closure of various casing types in the production of sausages, cheese, ice-creams, packaging of fruit and vegetables in nets and safe closure of liquid products (e.g. transport of live fish). BECK clips can be used as consumables for the company’s own clippers (MAGA) and machines of other manufacturers.