How to recognize the original MAGA product

CLIP SYSTEMS warns its customers against fake MAGA meat press!

Our original MAGA MEAT PRESS HAS BEEN FORGED and has been placed on the market by dishonest companies importing machines of unknown, mostly poor quality which have been manufactured in the Far East. Untrue information has been spread that imitated products are manufactured by these companies in Poland or other EU member states. They offer misleadingly similar machines at much lower prices. The low price is a result of poor quality materials used and lower power of the hydraulic system – new machines already show that elements are too loose and they have deficiencies, which soon leads to failures posing a hazard to operators. The purchase of such machines may in time turn out to be very costly.

Pirated products feature

  • short life cycle
  • poor quality workmanship
  • much lower work output
  • unknown status of materials for their admissibility to the food industry
  • susceptibility to failures

In consequence, you may buy fake machines at apparently lower prices, which can however bring a lot of problems during operation and expose operators to a work accident and your company to downtime and hence significant losses.

Only the original MAGA meat press warrants top quality workmanship and top safety in use. Owing to production and assembly at a Polish plant we ensure spare parts and consumables available also following the warranty period.

How to protect against frauds?

To make sure we have to do with an original MAGA product, just check several details:

  • Manufacturer verification

- machine front panel – MAGA logo

Uwaga na podróbki produktów Beck Clip Systems 1 


- left panel of the housing – the rating plate with the manufacturer’s name, machine type, serial number and voltage needed for operation

Uwaga na podróbki produktów Beck Clip Systems 2 


- right panel of the housing – manufacturer’s mark and CE sign ensuring that the product has undergone specialist tests and meets EU quality and safety standards

Uwaga na podróbki produktów Beck Clip Systems 3 


  • Shape of the plate

MAGA meat press has a unique, cone-shaped plate tenderising the meat. You should also see if the tenderising plate and the housing are loose. LOOSE ELEMENTS AND THE PLATE WOBBLING SHOWS that this is a fake product. SLOPPY WORKMANSHIP of that part of the machine may soon lead to a hazardous and costly failure.

 Kształt talerza Kotleciarka MAGA KOT-4 


  • Hazard pictograms

The hazard pictograms are different.

Original MAGA meat press:

Piktogramy ostrzegawcze Kotleciarka MAGA KOT-4 - oryginał 

Fake machine:

Piktogramy ostrzegawcze Kotleciarka MAGA KOT-4 - podróbka


  • Manufacturing

MAGA machines manufactured by CLIP SYSTEMS are admitted to work with foodstuffs. We use materials approved for use in food industry (acid-resistant steel, certified structural material, adequate quality fasteners). For fakes, it is not confirmed that quality of materials is adequate and the structure is durable.


The original MAGA meat press was awarded the Gold Medal of the International Poznań Trade during POLAGRA-TECH fairs in 2011.