Automatic clipper BDC-700 AM-XL

The double automatic clipper XL version is an extension to the clipping machine BDC-700 AM concept. It has the same features as the standard BDC-700 AM — it works with S-700 clips, so it is perfect for closing all types of casings. The machine is compatible with every stuffer equipped with the serving cutter and communication connector. The automatic clipper has two types of clip closure adjustment. Thanks to this, the machine can be very precisely and smoothly set even when clipping delicate casings.
The XL version is equipped with a funnel extended by 28 cm compared to the standard version. This solution and working with clips on spools allows for the reduction of downtime needed to change casings and spools with clips by over 50%.

Adjustment methods:

  • mechanical (conventional hard bumper) with an innovative knob
  • using the pressure of the air closing the clips – the parameter is set on the control panel

The machine is controlled using a touch panel on which user functions are enabled and the machine service inspection can be performed. The panel also allows the operator to control the number of portions produced and to set key operation parameters:

- hardness of the casing filling
- pressure of the clip closure
- number of portions per cycle
- adding the loop
- cutting the casing between clips

klipsownica-automatyczna-bdc 700 am-xl

Panel dotykowy klipsownica automatyczna ak702

Technical data:

  1. Diameters of casings to be clipped 30-140 mm (depending on the funnel used, brake and type of the casing and filling).
  2. Working air pressure 6.0 bar
  3. Compressed air consumption 15 l/cycle (depending on the clipping speed – minimum 550 l/min)
  4. Clip containers capacity. 2 spools of 2700–3600 pcs. (depending on the clip size)
  5. Clip type S 735, 740, 744, of various hardness.
  6. Machine dimensions 1200 x 720 x 1550 mm (W x D x H)
  7. Weight: 65 kg.
  8. Output: 30-40 cycles/min. (depending on parameters set and correct preparation of the compressed air connection)


Standard accessories:

  1. Automatic cutting of the casing between clips
  2. Additional knife adjustment components to help keep the ends clean
  3. Manual adjustment of the clip closure
  4. Programmable adjustment of the clip closure
  5. Automatic loop feeder
  6. Automatic clip feeder
  7. Adjustable tray on rollers for easy transport of the finished serving
  8. Casing end detector
  9. 1 set of the filler with the brake adapted to XL version - length: 83 cm
  10. 1 set of special spanners
  11. Operation and maintenance manual
  12. Trolley with castors
  13. Compressed air preparation station


Additional accessories:

  1. Automatic string feeder
  2. Additional fillers with a diameter of 20-45 mm