Single clipper BPK-200/700

A universal clipper to close, using an aluminium clip, plastic, natural casings, nettings and bags. It is used by small and big food processing plants (meat processing plants, dairies, agricultural producers, aquarium shops).

Material used for production warrant that the machine can work for a long time and is easy to clean. Novel technical solutions including the innovative structure of the cylinder with built-in control elements have greatly improved safety, ergonomics and durability and make the machine very easy to clean and operate.

Clippers are manufactured in two sizes:
BPK-200 – for clips of the E210, E220, E230, E240 series
BPK-700 – for clips of the S735, S740, S744 series


Standard accessories:

  • fixed knife to cut excess casing
  • handle for safe transport
  • adjustable clip closure


Special accessories:

  • pressure reducer

Klipsownica jednorzędowa pk200/700 Beck


Parametry urządzenia klipsownica jednorzędowa pk200/700 Beck Clip Systems