Semi-automatic clipper BDC-200 SM

The semi-automatic double clipper is used at small and large food processing plants. It is compatible with all casing types with a diameter of 30-100 mm, and for polyamide casings – also larger diameters up to 140 mm. Semi-automatic clippers are mechanically connected with each stuffer equipped with the portion cutter and control element. Using the electric connection it controls the stuffer – by signalling when to feed the next portion of the stuffing. The 2018 edition has functional qualities that have been tested for many years, and also a new stainless steel cylinder type and even more stable carriage.


Standard accessories:

  • automatic cutting of the casing between clips
  • adjustable distance between clips
  • adjustable clip closure
  • additional elements of adjusting the knife to make the ends clean
  • manual feeding of loops
  • flexible adjustment of speed and brake of the casing
  • automatic and manual control of the stuffer
  • adjustable tray
  • 1 set of the stuffer and the brake rubber 
  • 1 set of special spanners
  • operation and maintenance manual

Klipsownica półautomatyczna pa91j Beck

Special accessories:

  • device facilitating clipping of delicate casings (B)
  • automatic loop feeder – makes the operator’s work faster and easier (PP)
  • compressed air preparation station
  • automatic string dispenser
  • special system to cut nets or more difficult casings


Parametry urządzenia klipsownica półautomatyczna pa91j Beck Clip Systems