Double clipper BDC-200 MT

Clipper BDC-200 MT is an easy-to-use, dependable device for closure of casings. It performs well in packaging sausages, cheese and other products and uses all casing types used in food processing industry. A new stainless steel cylinder type and its new design make the machine much easier to clean.



  • wide range of diameters of casings clipped (25-100 mm)
  • can be used for all casing types
  • broad, low-placed handle
  • handy valve of the knife
  • low strength to press mobile jaws
  • no guiding trays needed
  • big clip container and it is easy to clean

These make working with our clipper easier and more effective.

Klipsownica dwurzędowa PW90 Beck

Learn what the MAGA clipping machine can do:

  • automatically cut the casing
  • adjust the clip closure
  • the distance between clips can be adjusted
  • clip with a loop
  • clip using one or two clips
  • it can be easily remodelled to a semi-automatic machine


Standard accessories for each clipper:

  • measure of the baton length
  • operation and maintenance manual


Special accessories:

  • knife to cut nets (S)
  • clipper for soft casings (B)
  • short squeezer of the stuffing – allows to clip batons of large diameters (KB)
  • automatic loop feeder (PP)
  • automatic string dispenser (PS)
  • tray on the right side of the clipper (TP)
  • compressed air preparation station